ever wonder if the macro goals from those online calculators were right for you? 

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You are curious about flexible dieting, but you have no idea where to start to figure out your macro targets! 

You entered your information into a couple of free online macro calculators, only for it to spit back numbers that felt completely unrealistic to hit every day.  

You suspect the macro targets you’ve been aiming for are not right for you because you’re hungry, tired and not seeing the body composition results you think you should be! 

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If the macro calculator you're relying on is simply using your height, weight, age and sex to determine your needs - that's not the full picture! My clients are seeing health, body composition and athletic performance improvements because we look at a fuller picture to determine macro targets.

created and used by Registered Dietitian

Macros calculated by Instagram models, generalist health coaches and food tracking apps can get you started, but what do you do when something doesn't feel right? Would you know how to adjust? You'll quickly outgrow a prescription if you're not asking the right questions in the beginning or learning how to manipulate your targets to fit your needs.

say goodbye to hangry

If your macros are leaving you feeling deprived and hangry, you'll never be able to stick to them long term. Let me help you determine carb and fat goals that keep you full and satisfied - setting you up for long term adherenence which ultimately means greater success. 

eat to look like you work out

You're not asking for an 8 pack - you just want to look like you workout! For all the dedication you put in at the gym, it's time to show off a stronger, leaner physique. Tracking macros is one of the most effective ways to lose that layer of body fat on top of that hard earned muscle. A well-tailored macro perscription will support your physical activity and recovery from it. 


Emily has built a reputation as the expert in flexible dieting and macro tracking for healthy individuals. As a Registered Dietitian who specializes in macro tracking, Emily knows how the right fit macro targets can lead you to feel your best. By tailoring your macro targets around you (not the other way around), you’ll build confidence in this approach to nutrition because you’ll actually enjoy the way you eat! 

A well fit macro prescription is one that not only delivers results, but allows you eat food you love and makes you feel your best.  

Emily is changing the face of “macros” for the layperson by making practical public content for her clients on social media. Check out her tools and resources via the linked icons below.

here's exactly what's included in your $29 purchase of the Active Day Macros Guide:

>> step-by-step formula to calculate your daily macro targets based on your height, weight, age, sex, physical activity, body composition goals, food preferences, health history and more  

>> 2 sample menus that total 1800ish calories to help you visualize what you can (and should) be eating! While these are not meant to be copied for success, you will find them helpful for planning your own menu with your macro targets

>> food lists and diagrams to illustrate which real foods contain proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Learn how to pair them together to make delicious meals to hit your macro goals  

you need this guide if you've ever said:

I almost always go over on my fat targets and struggle to hit my carbohydrate targets!

I am hitting my macros most of thee time, but still not seeing the results I think I should be!

I can hit my macro goals if I plan really, really well but forget it if anything unexpected comes up!

I eat mostly vegetarian and it feels nearly impossible to hit recommended protein targets without a ton of processed foods!

I am hungry all the time! If I stick to what's recommended for me, it's basically a ticking time bomb until I binge.  

so, what are you waiting for?

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