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you'll go from "I have no idea how macros work" to "I am confidently hitting my macro targets every day" in 5 weeks flat.

Macros Made Easy is the ONLY skill building course to stress free macro tracking on the market 

Macros Made Easy is for you if:

+ You're curious about how tracking macros could work for you but don't really feel like trying (or don't have the time) to figure it out on your own!

+ You've tried tracking macros on your own, but you haven't been successful in hitting your targets for more than say, a week?  

+ You're trying to hit your targets, but you're eating a ton more processed and packaged foods and you hate it!

+ You play “catch up” on certain macros at the end of the day, leaving you uncomfortably full and eating completely random sh*t (who wants to do that, seriously)!

+ You're turning into a short order cook - making meals that fit your macro prescription while also cooking completely different meals for others in your household (such a time killer)!

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here's a look at what you get with Macros Made Easy >>

  • I'll guide you through weekly lessons that build on the foundational concepts and keep you progressing towards better and better macro adherence. 
  • Connect with people just like you in a private Facebook group who are moving through the course together. Discussion and lively engagement is encouraged!
  • “How to Get Started with Tracking Your Macros” virtual training with macro expert, Emily Field RD, on May 21st. Video replay posted for those who are unable to attend live! 
  • You're with me for 5 whole weeks with this course offering! I use my experience working with flexible dieting to support and guide you through understanding macro tracking so that you're all set up to coast on your own after the course is all over.  
  • This skill building course will teach you how to plan, prepare and enjoy food you love throughout the week, while hitting your target macro numbers each day. Come with any set of macro targets set by any calculator or coach.
  • Don't have macro targets of your own yet? No problem! Fill out a brief assessment and let my team of Registered Dietitians set your daily targets for you. We'll take into account your health history, food preferences, and other nuances to find a best-fit macro prescription for you. 
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Here are what past participants are saying about their experience:

“Emily’s tips and tricks were just what I needed to be so much more successful with tracking macros. I honestly never thought to pair proteins, fats and carbs in each meal evenly - I would just wake up each day with a blank slate of macros to hit and that felt super overwhelming! This concept was a game changer because I feel so much different eating balanced. All of her tools and resources were just what I needed to bring this stuff together.”

- Shannon T. 

I really appreciated Emily's no shame approach to food. She removes value judgement from our relationship to the food we eat. I wish more people knew this!

- Nicole S.

I learned better skills for tracking macros, specifically how to more effectively use the My Fitness Pal app. I now have a better sense of how it could lead to a sustainable style of eating 

- Jess F.

“I felt like something finally clicked: it was about mindful eating and not just being perfect all the time. As a person that was always “100%” or “nothing” this has been huge for me.”

- Leah K.

I learned that I can eat more calories including carbs and lose or maintain weight. I now eat a lot more food - including the things I felt were cheats. As a result, I did not starve and then binge.

- Beth W.

"Emily has shown me what a healthy relationship with food really looks like. Following her guideline, I properly know how to eat a well rounded, whole food meal - but I'm also no longer afraid of eating a treat like a donut. This approach helped me not only for my temporary goals, but lifelong health with sustainable eating."

- Katie S.

remember: your body is tracking macronutrients whether or not you are. wouldn't you love to know how to manipulate proteins, fats and carbohydrates to feel vibrant, energized, and to support a healthy metabolism?  

meet Emily, the creator and coach of Macros Made Easy

Emily Field is a Registered Dietitian teaching a macro based, balanced eating pattern in her coaching practice. After you adopt an eating pattern that’s chocked full of whole, real foods, you'll master blood sugar stability with balanced meals and snacks - and then you're ready for more! If you've got goals for your health, body composition and athletic performance, it’s a natural and appropriate progression to start looking at macronutrient amounts and eating in a balance that's right for you.

Tracking macros offers an opportunity to help you see how much protein, fat and carbohydrates you really need on a daily basis. When you’re able to start eating enough of the right macros in the right balance for you, you’ll see almost immediate positive results.

It's time to turn macro numbers into delicious meals you aren't bored with! 

Please, don't waste any more time spinning your wheels with flexible dieting. There's absolutely no reason you should be stuck on the hamster wheel that is your current haphazard effort to track macros accurately. I will get you up to speed with the right support and accountability you've been craving. 

Once you understand how to track and hit your macro goals each day with real, whole food consistently (because consistency is KEY), you will absolutely have enough fuel to gain and maintain lean and strong muscle, burn body fat, increase your energy, and enjoy food freedom like you never have before! Flexible dieting shouldn't be a CHORE! And it isn't going to be for you anymore!

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