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Are you ready to turn those macro numbers into incredibly delicious meals? 

You've tried tracking your macros and saw the potential for huge gains in health, body composition and athletic performance - but it was too difficult to stick to longer than say, a week at a time?  

Yeah, I feel ya. I've been there. 

I know you're a smart cookie and you could totally figure this out on your own - but why would you? 

You just need a little help putting all the pieces together 

I'm here to help.

Macros Made Easy is the easy, go-to resource that answers all those real life situation questions that come up when you're trying to make flexible dieting a sustainable approach for the long term.  

I'll turn your overwhelm into "oh yeah baby meal planning around my macros is easy!"

this is the jumpstart course is for you if:

+ You're always “running out” of macros before the end of the day, leaving you hungry - whiteknuckling it until your next meal or leading you to overeat and overshoot your macro and calorie goals.  

+ You feel like you're eating a ton more processed and packaged foods and forgetting about whole, real, and natural foods because they often don't have a trackable food label!

+ You play “catch up” on certain macros at the end of the day, leaving you uncomfortably full and eating completely random sh*t (who wants to do that, seriously)!

+ You're turning into a short order cook - making meals that fit your macro prescription while also cooking completely different meals for others in your household (such a time killer)!

so what is included in the Macros Made Easy course >>

  • Receive a super comprehensive guidebook with weekly lessons that will breakdown all of my greatest hacks for flexible dieting. The guidebook is downloadable and comes with meal planning worksheets, grocery planning guides and 15+ recipes. Basically, it's filled with everything you need to make your life so much easier on a daily basis (heck yeah to that)! 
  • If you enroll in the LIVE course, you'll connect with people just like you in a private Facebook group who are moving through the course content together. You'll get live trainings, be eligible for giveaways, and have access to my most helpful resources to get you turning your macros into meals that don't suck!
  • Hey, not even my private, one-on-one clients get access to me in a daily, real-time way. But lucky you, you will if you enroll in the LIVE course! I use my experience working with flexible dieting to support and guide you throughout the course so that you're all set up to coast on your own after the course is all over (which I know you'll miss)! Support is so crucial to your success so if you opt to DIY, you can schedule a free consult with me at any time. Trust me, you won't find a hybid offering of this kind anywhere else!
  • Grab the DIY version and you'll get instant access to videos, tutorials, worksheets, checklists, and audio files. You can read, watch or listen to course content immediately. Skip the parts you don’t need, file away the things you want to dive into later, and get answers to the burning questions you have RIGHT now, RIGHT away. Come back to the course time and time again as long as you need to. 
  • You'll receive a super comprehensive guidebook with weekly lessons that will breakdown all of my greatest hacks for flexible dieting. The guidebook is downloadable and comes with meal planning worksheets, grocery planning guides and 15+ recipes. Basically, it's filled with everything you need to make your life so much easier on a daily basis (heck yeah to that)! 

take your pick. how do you prefer to learn?

“Emily’s tips and tricks were just what I needed to be so much more successful with tracking macros. I honestly never thought to pair proteins, fats and carbs in each meal evenly - I would just wake up each day with a blank slate of macros to hit and that felt super overwhelming! This concept was a game changer because I FEEL so much different eating balanced. All of her tools and resources were just what I needed to bring this stuff together.”

- Shannon T. 

"Emily has shown me what a healthy relationship with food really looks like. Following her guideline, I properly know how to eat a well rounded, whole food meal - but I'm also no longer afraid of eating a treat like a donut. This approach helped me not only for my temporary goals, but lifelong health with sustainable eating."

- Katie S.

“I felt like something finally clicked: it was about mindful eating and not just being perfect all the time. As a person that was always “100%” or “nothing” this has been huge for me.”

- Leah K.

“I have seen some big changes in my decision-making process. I haven't followed my macro prescription 100% per se (working my way there) but have been making conscious choices that I know are more macro friendly, especially when eating out, being on a road trip, etc. Even the day after [this most recent holiday weekend] I noticed that I am down several inches which feels like a huge win without a significant chance to my quality of life. Baby steps towards getting more precise!”  

- Katie P. 

meet the creator and coach of Macros Made Easy

I'm Emily Field, and I'm not your average dietitian.  

There was a time, not too long ago, when I was the farthest thing away from feeling confident in what I knew about food and nutrition because it just wasn’t working for me. I was applying what I knew, but I seemed to always be HUNGRY and super CRANKY. I was fatigued and unmotivated. I was tired, bloated and puffy. And, the funny thing was, I knew I shouldn't be feeling that way as a young twenty-something year old. If you want to hear more about the start of my journey, you can check it out here.

I can confidently and boldly say I am a much more effective coach because I have lived the madness. I've been where you are right now, and it's not place to live. That's for sure.

Let me use the experience I've gained from working one-on-one with clients just like you to help you figure out this "macro thing". Because guess what? You absolutely CAN fit flexible dieting into your lifestyle seamlessly and painlessly. And then, you can reap the benefits of eating MORE food in the right balance for you - boundless energy, stable moods, restful sleep and a healthy, faster metabolism. 

It's time to turn those macro numbers into delicious meals you aren't bored with! 

Please, don't waste any more time spinning your wheels with flexible dieting. There's absolutely no reason you should be stuck on the hamster wheel that is your current haphazard effort to track macros accurately. I will get you up to speed with the right support and accountability you've been craving. 

Once you understand how to track and hit your macro goals each day with real, whole food consistently (because consistency is KEY), you will absolutely have enough fuel to gain and maintain lean and strong muscle, burn body fat, increase your energy, and enjoy food freedom like you never have before! Flexible dieting shouldn't be a CHORE! And it isn't going to be for you anymore!

do yourself a HUGE favor and sign up for the course. let's get you started toward your goals today. RIGHT NOW >>