do you dream of working with a constant stream of motivated clients who embrace fitness?

get in front of the people you'd love to coach by partnering your nutrition expertise within a gym community.  

What would it feel like if you built your own nutrition practice working with people who are enthusiastic about your nutrition message? 

How fulfilling would it be to help them push past plateaus and reach new levels of fitness? 

Imagine coming home at the end of the day and knowing your clients are seeing real results because they’re eagerly applying what you teach them. 

Partnering with a gym to offer nutrition services is truly a win-win-win situation. 

>> The gym gets to stand out in the marketplace by adding a valuable service to members while creating an additional revenue stream

>> The gym community gains access to a qualified nutrition professional through an offering like a nutrition challenge

>> These paid partnerships expose you to new clients, provide opportunity to refine your messaging, and solidify your reputation as a talented Registered Dietitian

I know what you're thinking

How do I even pitch a partnership to a gym when their interests are in improving their bottom line? I barely know how to market myself!  

Where would I even start with creating all the resources to serve the gym community? I am swamped with work already and if we're being honest, my perfectionism gets in the way of making movement sometimes. 

Building contracts, agreeing on a payment structure, billing clients, navigating percent splits, OH MY! I wouldn't know where to begin and I fear I might lose money pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavor like this.  

enter: Workshop-in-a-Box

Workshop-in-a-Box is a done-for-you package to help you get your foot in the door of a gym community with all the tools and resources you'll need to run a 6 week nutrition challenge. Running a nutrition challenge in a gym community sets you up as the resident nutrition expert and gives you a platform to reach new potential clients. 

I’ve put together absolutely everything you need to successfully pitch and execute a nutrition challenge in a gym. You'll get immediate access to pre- and post-assessments, e-resources, weekly lessons, and more! After challenge participants get a taste of what you can offer in health, body composition and athletic performance improvements, you’ll be the first person they connect with when they want to continue their great results through one-on-one coaching.  

Maybe you’re spinning your wheels on where to begin with your own practice.

Maybe you’re an active member in a gym community but don’t know how to bridge the gap between “being a member” and “being an expert” there. 

Or worse! Maybe you’ve been approached by gyms or gym members about partnership, but you don’t have a system in place to follow up with them or resources to serve them. 

How do you charge, what do your packages look like, are you protected by contracts?  

so what comes in Workshop-in-a-Box?  

Workshop-in-a-Box provides everything you need to successfully approach gyms to run a nutrition challenge that benefits you, the gym and the community members. From pitch templates to challenge resources to marketing materials, you’ll get instant access to everything you need to launch a robust nutrition challenge from start to finish. Use the resources to fast track your role in a gym community, and become the resident professional for all things nutrition in the future. Plus, feel free to use Workshop-in-a-Box at more than one gym or multiple times in one community to essentially make your initial investment back - and then some!  

Here’s exactly what you’ll get with Workshop-in-a-Box: 

  • A stand alone Nutrition Challenge eBook that you or the gym owner can distribute to challenge participants  
  • Marketing materials and examples including social media optimized images, content, and more to help you effectively promote your nutrition challenge, but without having to spend a ton of time creating everything yourself from scratch  
  • A Nutrition Challenge Checklist to make sure you’re doing all the right things at the right times so you can run a successful Nutrition Challenge  
  • FAQs to help you anticipate what gym owners/managers and challenge participants will ask you, so you’re fully prepared to answer whatever questions come up  
  • Sample Contracts and an option to buy a “plug-and-play” version that fits your needs so you can present a professional, legally binding document to the gym 
  • Pitch templates to help you find the right words to leverage your skills as a Registered Dietitian as the perfect fit for the gym community of your choice  

Workshop-in-a-Box is the best way to make planning a partnership with a gym stress free and incredibly successful.  

Let me take care of the hard part for you so you can reap the benefits [and the $$$] of your new partnerships!  

you are busy enough! get the done-for-you solution to build valuable partnerships with gym communities!

Don’t waste more precious time and energy trying to figure this out for yourself!  

Building a nutrition practice takes a lot of time. Smart and successful RDs know that their time is best spent doing their genius work - helping others with their health, body composition and athletic performance goals through nutrition education and behavior change coaching.  

If you’re spending even just a few hours every week putting together client resources, thinking through logistics, marketing, promotion - let alone trying to find creative ways to advertise your services - it’s too much!  

ask yourself:

How would I feel if I didn’t have to constantly chase down new clients?  

How much happier would I be if my clients actually followed my suggestions and loved the amazing results they see because of the help I gave them?

How fulfilling would it be to work with people who love fitness, who are willing to follow my advice, and who will be genuinely grateful for my help?

Workshop-in-the-Box is the smart RD’s solution to building a lucrative partnership with gym communities without wasting a ton of time and energy on the nitty gritty details. It’s the done-for-you answer to starting your practice, establishing your role as an expert and growing your business quickly and efficiently.  

$750 for annual use license [that you'll make back after your first Challenge]

is Workshop-in-a-Box right for me?



>> You need to build momentum in your private practice, get a more steady stream of clients or need a platform to reach a new audience of motivated clients with your message 

>> You want to establish yourself as the resident nutrition expert in your gym community, instead of remaining “just another member” 

>> You are excited about the idea of creating an opportunity to work for yourself, but you just don’t have the time to figure out how to do it 

>> You have big dreams of working with clients who actively want to improve their health habits for the long term, instead of working with patients who are only interested in quick fixes 

>> You would love to marry your passion for fitness with your training in nutrition to help motivated people through a holistic approach

>> You’re 100% happy with your current job and you don’t have dreams of building a private practice, side hustle or working for yourself some day 

>> You don’t want to work with people who are motivated to change their health  

>> You want to work in “disease management” instead of “disease prevention” 

>> You don’t need a built-in supportive environment like a gym community to do your best work with people 

You have the ability to make a real difference in the lives of your gym's community members. They’re already taking a huge step toward living a healthy life by being active on a regular basis. With your help and expertise, they can take things to the next level. Your knowledge and the service you provide is an integral part of their holistic health. With Workshop-in-a-Box, you’ll be on the fast track to connecting with those community members so you can make a big impact on their lives and their health.